Iron Women Network

Ironwoman network is a non-government/Non-profit organization that is recently approved by the Minister of Health Burma after a rigorous and lengthy application process.

Ironwoman network is multicultural and founded by seven women from different walks of life who are interested in promoting and educate women and Children’s Health in Burma. Our office is situated in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar).

My name is Mya Yee Nandar. I am the founder of the organization. I graduated with BSN RN from the University of Hawaii in 2016 and recently completed a master of nursing science, a family nurse practitioner from Indiana University, United States of America 2020 May.

Although I am currently practicing at Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Chicago, my goal is to support, empower, and reform health care in Burma. I am the first foreign graduate registered nurse in Myanmar, who starts a foundation in Burma to help the community. My goal with the nightingale challenge is to disseminate the value and knowledge of nursing and empower young nurses in Burma as well as to promote the health of women and children in a rural area and throughout Burma.

I have found the advertisement for Nightingale’s challenge in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). The nursing now and the Nightingale challenge inspire me and realize my dream of passing the knowledge of nursing, management, and leadership to my fellow colleagues, young nurses in Burma. Although I am currently practicing In the USA, I will be able to communicate with my fellow colleagues and young nurses in Burma via Skype calls.

2 nurses and midwives have been enrolled on this leadership development programme.

 Iron Women Network Update, March 2021 

Supplemental Rice & Hygiene Product Distribution Mandalay, Myanmar
The Iron Women Network (IWN) was created to serve as a foundation for health-related efforts including in-service training for nurses and other frontline workers, the training of village health volunteers, the creation of mobile and other remote outreach services and the promotion of the status of nursing in Myanmar.
The plan to begin these efforts has been impacted by the severe COVID crisis and military crackdown in Myanmar. Therefore, IWN has pivoted to a modest initiative to distribute basic supplemental rice and hygiene supplies to the poorest neighbourhoods in and around Mandalay. The first distribution took place in mid-November and will be repeated every second Sunday for 5-6 months.