Asociación Nacional de Directivos de Enfermería (ANDE)

La Asociación Nacional de Directivos de Enfermería (ANDE), an association of Spanish nurse managers, to develop the Nightingale Challenge, has created an accredited, innovative and experiential program, called “The Journey of the Leading Nursing”.
It will be a unique experience for the young nurses selected as they will participate in a 30-hour training program over 2 months, in a blended format, in which the high-impact leadership will work.
This program includes a part of mentoring and experiential experience with the nurse management leaders of the Institutions, in which the people of the ANDE Board of Directors will also be protagonists and key to this program since they will be the mentors of the young nurses.
They will receive leadership training, work skills, have networking spaces, round tables with Nursing Directors and work with multiple educational resources.

200 nurses and midwives have been enrolled onto this Nightingale Challenge programme.