As of January 2021, the International Council of Nurses will take responsibility for the existing Nursing Now groups.

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The health challenges of the 21st Century cannot be overcome without strengthening nursing.
It's time to give nurses more recognition, investment and influence.

As the health professionals closest to the public, nurses should be empowered to use their knowledge, skills and expertise to the full. They should be valued and respected for their pivotal role at the heart of most health teams.


Nurses should be supported to drive health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, through leveraging new technology, greater patient participation and an increasing focus on community and primary health care.

Health decision-making needs nurses to be more involved. Their role in policy development and planning is too small, despite the invaluable insights their unique position in the health system gives them.

Health leaders globally should develop new models of care that maximise nursing’s contributions to achieving Universal Health Coverage and other health goals.

Governments should invest in improving nurses’ working conditions, training and leadership skills to enhance health, empower women and strengthen local economies.

Now that you’ve pledged your support, it’s time to take action.
Below are suggested activities for both nurses and their supporters to raise the profile and status of nursing worldwide.


Show your commitment to nurses today! Here are just some actions you can take:

  • Advocate with and on behalf of nurses and nursing;
  • Promote innovations in service delivery and share examples of effective nursing practice; and
  • Sign our pledge of support to Nursing Now, and
  • Raise awareness of the campaign using our social media toolkit.



This campaign is all about you. Here are just some of the things you can do to support Nursing Now:

  • Share your experience and ideas with each other;
  • Be agents for change in nursing – organise to advocate for the profession; and
  • Sign our pledge of support to Nursing Now, and
  • Raise awareness of the campaign using our social media toolkit.


Spread the word with our social media materials:

You can also get us involved in promoting your Nursing Now activities by reaching us via Facebook, Twitter and email.

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