BMI Healthcare Limited

12 nurses and midwives have been enrolled on the leadership training programme.

We propose putting together a 12 month programme that will give an opportunity to our young
nursing staff to develop into the leaders of the future.
The key components will be:
 Using our status as an registered City and Guilds Institute of Leadership and Management
centre we will deliver a tailored Leadership programme that will focus on Leadership
opposed to management skills.
 We will deliver three days per quarter.
o The first two days will be taught work-shops
o Third day will consist of inspirational speaker from both inside and outside of
 Each cohort will form working groups (perhaps 2 per cohort) to work on projects identified
by the regions, this will give the candidates real life experience and exposure to leadership
 Each cohort will be assigned a board member as their cohort sponsor to provide support
and inspiration.
 Hold two events per year for the whole group where they are able to share experiences and
 The two yearly events will take place outside of BMI. We would look for organisations from
other industries to sponsor the days.
 Single point of coordination from our team
The programme could be called ‘Clinical Leaders of the future’