Call for Nominations: 100 Outstanding Nurse and Midwife Leaders

2020 marks the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife – for the first time in history, the nations of the world will unite in celebration of the benefits that nursing and midwifery bring to the health of the global population.

Every country needs a competent, motivated, well-distributed and supported health workforce. Nurses and midwives can transform the ways health actions are organised and how health care is delivered. They are the backbone of primary health care systems and are essential to achieve universal health coverage.

To celebrate the 2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife (YONM), Women in Global Health (in partnership with the World Health Organization, International Council of Nurses, International Confederation of Midwives, United Nations Population Fund, and Nursing Now) calls for nominations of 100 outstanding midwives and nurses making a difference in global health.

“YONM 100” nominations will be accepted via THIS FORM until March 15, 2020.

There are eight categories for nominations:

• Diversity – Women whose advocacy has helped to create a more diverse health workforce.

• Public Policy – Women working at either a local or national level who use their influence to work towards better social inclusion and equality.

• Innovation, Science & Health – Women who are driving scientific, technological, or other significant innovation either within academia, workplace or the broader community.

• Human Capital Development – Women working in teaching or academia to grow the new generation of leaders.

• Board & Management – Women working in senior management or as directors whose influence extends beyond the confines of their role and incorporates the personal support and mentoring of others in their communities.

• Primary Health Care – Women who demonstrate leadership and a positive influence towards primary health care and grassroots communities.

• Community Hero – Women working in the not for profit sector in community projects or campaigns.

• Young Nurse and Midwife Leader – Aged under 30 (as at 1 May 2020) who demonstrate a capacity to act as a catalyst for change, and represent a new generation of leaders, who advocate for and give a voice to younger women.

Self-nominations are welcome along with nominations for others. YONM 100 recipients will be selected ahead of the 73rd World Health Assembly, and their stories will be published and celebrated throughout 2020.

We encourage you to get involved and have your say!