Call to host Florence Nightingale Musical

How will your organization celebrate the upcoming 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale?

HEARTS: Health Enriched by the Arts, a nonprofit organization in Washington State, U.S.A. aims to uplift the nursing profession with a new musical, Nightingale: A Musical Regarding the Life and Passion of Miss Florence Nightingale by Pamela Gerke.

HEARTS will be taking this show to nursing schools, organizations and conferences, healthcare institutions and local communities. Organizations that host performances can use it as a springboard for a celebration of their own nursing/healthcare communities!

We are now seeking organizations to host performances by either our own theatrical troupe (Seattle area) or other production companies. Interested organizations can contact HEARTS for further information or visit our website: This musical dramatization will inspire nurses and nurse leaders with the story of a powerful role model and educate the public about an important and fascinating part of nursing history.