Clinical Hospital Center Osijek

When I started to work as a young cancer nurse, it was not given that much information to us abouth safe cytostatic apliccation/administering. We did not have spillage cyto set, protective equpment or closed systems. Many times I felt very tired, have had open wounds on hands and fingers, sour mouth and many other symptoms, and my coworkers too. Today, we have many young cancer nurses working on our department, and I want to educate and inform all of them, so they have the specific knowledge, clinical skills and approach to all informations abouth safe preparing and administering cytotoxic drugs for them, for their colleagues and for the patients. I want to ensure also protective equipment and educate all of young cancer nurses how to use it in appropriate way, and how to use spillage set. It is very important information for nurse itself and also for the patients, to maintaine personal and public health.

20 nurses and midwives have been enrolled on this leadership development programme.