Czech Republic

National Group

Nursing Now Czech Republic is in the process of being established by the Czech Nurses Association in coordination with the Ministry of Health. For more information, please contact Daniela Bartoníčková:

The Association of University Educated Nurses has initiated an exhibition of photographs of nurses by the world-famous Czech photographer prof. Jindřich Štreit as part of the Nursing Now campaign. We prepared a video projection of the photographs and would like to dedicate them to nurses for their amazing and demanding work.

Prof. Jindřich Štreit, the author, photographed the nurses from May to July 2019 in real work situations at the Olomouc University hospital and in Šternberk, Vsetín and Ostrava. “Prof. Štreit is not only a legend in his field, but also a man with a heart in his hand who photographed life as it is. The pictures are very emotional and show the diversity of our beautiful profession.”