Evangelisches Krankenhaus Johannisstift Münster

We developed a program, which includes a regular meeting (Workshop and/or lecture) on one day a month. Most lecturer are employees in our clinic group, most of them have a study graduation on master level or higher. The climax of our Nightingale Challenge will be the visit of the care congress (North-rhine-westphalia) in Bochum. Our aim is to enable our nurses a holistically understanding of the organisation hospital. They should know what happens behind the doors of Controlling, Administration, public relation …and so on.These aspects are important to optimize processes in nursing. In Germany it is not normal to be educated in this topics while apprenticeship so this is a great chance to expand the nursing staff’s knowledge. We hope it will make the employees of our hospital more statisfied.
Our Workshops and lectures over the year 2020:
2. Quality Management in hospitals
3. Controlling and how the DRG System works
4. Pflegepersonaluntergrenzen und das Pflegestärkungsgesetz (specific german topic)
5. communication in hospital – how to argue towards doctors?
6. Visit a congress in Bochum
7. public relation in hospital – how can I work with?

12 nurses and midwives have been enrolled on this Nightingale Challenge programme.

On adapting to the COVID-19 crisis:

I would like to tell you about the strategy our nurses deal with the COVID19 pandemia:

  1. First aspect: We are so thankful, lots of people send us sweets or other little things (easter things, which couldn’t sold in the shops, because of the lockdown), we feel this kind of solidarity for the first time in our country all people say the Job you do is systemically relevant (for the first moment it felt good but we hope: This pandemic is a chance for nurses to upgrade our view in our society. We hope that isn’t only a snapshot!
  1. No time before our teams work so close together, it’s not relevant, if you are a Nurse, a secretary a cleaning person or anyone else all People bolster each other…
  2. We hope we get more protective equipment to protect ourselves!!

We hope: This Pandemic is a Chance to Change and not only a snapshot which shows how systemically relevance are nurses! Nurses are systemically relevant as long as human live in the world!