Grenada Nurses Association launches Nursing Now group during, “We Dare to Care: Let’s Talk Nursing” symposium

Earlier this year, Nursing Now Grenada was launched by the Grenada Nurses Association at the ”We Dare to Care: Let’s Talk Nursing” symposium.

During the symposium, participating nurses performed a short play in which they portrayed the key challenges faced by the nursing profession. A video was also shown in which nurses pledged their support to the Nursing Now campaign and called on the Government of Grenada to invest in the nursing workforce for better care for citizens.

Three working groups were formed to address three key issues affecting nursing in the tri-island state, namely human resources, education and occupational health and safety. The  challenges and recommendations from these discussions were presented to the high-level stakeholders present at the event. 

A diverse group of health professionals and stakeholders attended the symposium including Nursing Now Board member – Ms. Rosemarie Josey, WHO Representative – Mrs. Fiona Anthony, Honourable Minister of Health, Grenada – Mr. Nickolas Steele, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health – Ms. Pauline Peters, Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health – Ms. Nester Edwards and President of the Grenada Nurses Association – Mrs. Patricia Strachan.

“It was my pleasure to attend the launch of Nursing Now Grenada and welcome them to the global Nursing Now family. With 2020 declared the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, now more so than ever, a light is being shone on the nursing profession and the essential role nurses play in health care provision” explained Nursing Now Board Member, Rosemarie Josey. “Nursing Now groups such as in Grenada are doing an incredible job advocating for conditions that facilitate nurses to achieve their full potential and ultimately health care systems that ensure health for all.” 

You can find out more about this symposium at the links below: Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) and Meaningful Television (MTV) evening news.