Health Action Training for Resilience, Person-Centred Nursing, and Leadership

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Join us on 4th June, 2-3 pm (BST) to learn about Health Action Training and their work to support nurses in providing person-centred practice, developing resilience and learning key advocacy skills.

Health Action Training (HAT) represents a unique revolution in communication training for health professionals. High-quality communication training is crucial to improvement in Resilience, Person-Centred Nursing and Leadership. For Nurses, this is critical and urgent, particularly in the wake of a pandemic crisis currently reshaping health services across the globe. In this webinar, the HAT team will share the story of our success in developing a unique, evidence-based and RCN-accredited training system that has achieved spectacular results in teaching skills in person-centred practice, resilience and advocacy.

Our bespoke courses are adapted to meet the needs of any individual, organisation, or location. The HAT approach combines techniques drawn from applied drama and Advanced Communication Training to create a fun, practical, interactive, and supportive learning environment. While our fundamental methodology remains the same, HAT develops the content of our courses in conversation with partners and participants, to address the specific personal and professional challenges that nurses, and their communities, are facing. HAT aims to develop a global network of Health Action trainers, through our ‘Train the Trainers’ programme and an international community of regional hubs, to support a legacy network of practitioner leaders who can operate independently, while mutually enabling each other.

On 4th June at 2pm (BST), the Health Action Training team will join us to discuss their work and provide our network with a taster session, combining techniques drawn from applied drama and Advanced Communication Training.

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