Ministry of Health, Oman

Steering the wheel of progress for Nursing Leadership and Development in Oman’s Ministry of Health.
This initiative addresses the dire need to focus on the leadership development of our nurses, taking cognizance World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of 2020 as the year of the Nurse and the Midwife. So much has been done, and a lot is in the pipeline, to support our nurses towards realizing their ultimate potential.

We plan to promote nursing leadership and development through the objectives below that serve as best-fit structure to respond to the needs of developing nursing professionals with leadership capabilities. Nightingale challenge will be the way forward to sequentially monitor the following milestones. To kick off this solemn goal we can initially aim to achieve the following objectives:

1. Define our Culture of Excellence (CoE)
2. Develop key themes for CoE
3. Coach Human Resource Functional Excellence
4. Conduct CAR (Capacity, Achievement, Relationship) assessment for nurses
5. Unlock hidden potential and recognize our STARs
6. Develop Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all nurses
7. Develop our own competence framework for the nurse
8. Work on Learning and development interventions for closing competence gaps
9. Conduct a workshop for supervisory and leadership skills
10. Develop a scorecard to monitor progress and challenges

Additionally, the team has previously worked on identifying the gaps in healthcare leadership application and has concluded 36 leadership competencies that will be used to deliver a ONE day and a THREE day Leadership and Decision Making courses for nurses of age of 35 years and under. Also there will be Young Nurse Orientation program for 30 young nurses for one week where these nurses will be oriented to the services provided by the Directorate General of Nursing Affairs on a national level. These nurses will be asked to discuss their challenges with nursing decision making authorities in Oman.