Nightingale Challenge Global Partnership

The Nightingale Challenge is offering participating organisations the opportunity to engage with other organisations around the world who have also joined the Challenge. This is the opportunity to share your knowledge and practices with other nurses and midwives as part of the Nightingale Challenge experience.

Once partners are identified and introduced, you are encouraged to interact and collaborate! The exact nature of collaboration depends on the wishes, resources and capabilities of the individual organisations.

In order pair organisations, we ask that you share certain information, so that we can match your interests and introduce you to other local, regional, national or global partners.

Questions to consider are:

  • What are you seeking in a partnership/twinning with another organisation?
  • What could you offer them in return?
  • Have you identified anyone or is there any region or country you are interested in?
  • Do you have any links already?

If you are interested in being partnered with another Nightingale Challenge organisation, please contact us at