Nightingale Challenge leadership programme, Veteran General Hospital, Taipei

Taipei Veteran General Hospital accepted the Nightingale Challenge and organised a leadership training programme for young nurses, aiming to equip and empower the next generation of nurses to face challenges in the future. 

The leadership training programme started on 18th February 2020 and took place over nine months. It included eight days of lectures, case discussions and group activities. Furthermore, young nurses were assigned as trainees of head nurses and advanced nurses, and observers of nursing committees. Last but not least, visits to other departments within the hospital and field trips to selected facilities were arranged. In November, 34 young nurses had completed the training and fulfilled their professional commitment by providing the projects to improve the working environment. After this series of training sessions, the next generation of nurse leaders at Veteran General Hospital, Taipei will provide the highest quality of care and ensure the best possible patient outcomes. 

See images of Nightingale Challenge activities.