Nursing Now Mozambique to address national shortage of nurses

Nursing Now Mozambique was launched in December  by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros de Moçambique in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Mozambique, Hospital Militar de Maputo and Fundacao Masc. 

Luisa Dias Diogo, former Prime Minister of Mozambique and patron of Nursing Now Mozambique gave the keynote speech at the event. Ms Diogo said,

“I am not a nurse but as the daughter of one, I have a nurse’s DNA and the spirit of a nurse. I have learned that a nurse is resilient, always available to the community, eager for knowledge and always searching for solutions.” 

Other participants included the National Director of Health Human Resources representing the Ministry of Health, the President of the National Association of Nurses, directors of educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, nursing professionals as well as students and, delegates of the order of nurses from all the provinces of the country. 

There is a significant shortage of nurses in Mozambique which hinders access to quality healthcare. Nursing Now Mozambique has pledged to encourage employers in Mozambique to sign up to the Nightingale Challenge and  launched a five point plan for 2019 -2020.

  1. Hold a National Nursing Congress.
  2. Develop a National Nursing Development Plan.
  3. Train nursing professionals in management and leadership.
  4. Develop Terms of Reference for the management and leadership of nursing services in Mozambique.
  5. Conduct a campaign oriented to nursing professionals. 

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