National Groups

The Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Portuguese Order of Nurses) is in the process of establishing Nursing Now Portugal. For more information contact Paula Domingos: gri@ordemenfermeiros.pt. Alternatively, contact Vice President Luís Filipe Barreira: gri@ordemenfermeiros.pt.

Nursing Now Portugal launched on 10th May. During the course of the day, Mr. Howard Catton (CEO of ICN), Prof. Sheila Tlou (Co-Chair of the Nursing Now Campaign), Mrs Sineva Ribeiro (President of the Swedish Nurses Association) and Luís Filipe Barreira (Vice-president of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros) gave presentations and discussed the Nursing Now campaign. To watch these presentations, click here.  

Local Groups

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Practice and Research. Contact Ananda Fernandes, Director: ccoms@esenfc.pt
  • CHBV-UA – Contact Sandra Rodrigues: sandracampinos@gmail.com
  • Federação Nacional de Associações de Estudantes de Enfermagem (FNAEE) – Contact David Loura, Board President: presidente@fnaee.pt