University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital

The activities to be featured includes but not limited to the following:
Hold a leaderships summit. Training university of Port-Harcourt teaching hospital nurses within 35 and below on the subject of leadership ( This will be carried out through the facilitation of Nursing Services dept, and lead by head of nursing dept and Chairman National Association of Nurses and Midwifes Upth chapter).
Train them on research, encourage them to actively participate on research programs to enable them increase individual experiences and give evidence based care.
Emphasise the need to increase community participation for nurses in order to make more impact in the local communities helping raise awareness of importance of nurses within the environment as part of social participation and well-being of individuals and families.
Build mentorship channels for young nurses in order to develop their leadership potentials learning from those ahead of them and to become leaders who can initiate a program based on observed gaps and needs within clinical and social spheres even at their current level and pursue goals to see those problems solved.

50 nurses and midwives have been enrolled on this leadership development programmes.