University Teaching Hospitals – Cancer Diseases Hospital

We have enrolled 25 nurses in our Nightingale Challenge leadership programme.
The nurses will take part in a leadership programme that will involve access to the courses available at, piloting a locally designed clinical leadership module in collaboration with the University of Zambia School of Nursing and a six months mentorship programme in collaboration with local nurse leaders from the Ministry of Health, our hospital and other clinical sites, the General Nursing Council and the Zambia Union of Nurses Organisations. The mentorship programme will also comprise some clinical components or skills in addition to practice alongside a senior nurse or health leader in a ward/hospital/clinic/provincial health office/ministry of health for managerial/policy roles of nurses in delivering health care in Zambia, specifically cancer care. At the end of the programme each nurse will present a brief/portfolio of what they have learnt and we hope that by the end of the six months we will have developed a confident and competent pool of nurses ready to tackle the challenges of 21st century nursing.
The programme will start with the online courses on 22/07/2019 and official launch by the Director of Nursing Services Dr Lonia Mwape once once each nurse has completed at least one online module.