WEBINAR AGENDA – Compassion in troubled times: what about us?

6th May 2020, 3pm (BST) – Compassion in troubled times: what about us?

Welcome & introduction 

Dr. Barbara Stilwell, Executive Director of Nursing Now

Kindness by Charly Cox 

read by Munashe Nyika, Nursing Now Board Member, Zimbabwe 

What is happening when you are stressed and burning out?

What is compassion and self-compassion and how does it help?

Dr. Marti Balaam, Fellow in Medical Education/Deputy Theme Head (PPD) and Lecturer in Nursing, The University of Edinburgh

Compassion in the workplace: occupational examples 

Dr. Sally Pezaro, Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Coventry University 

Examples of compassion, experiences of nurses around the world

Q&A session 

Blessing by John O’Donahue

read by Anthony Harbin, Global Administrator, Nightingale Challenge