Nursing Now Bupa was launched on 25th June 2019.

Nursing Now Bupa will enable Bupa’s nurses to tell their stories, share the challenges and wonderful milestones of a career in nursing.

Jan Adams, Bupa Global Chief Nurse, said: “Nursing Now is an incredibly exciting campaign and a defining moment in the history of nursing. It’s a chance for nurses around the world to have their say, to tell their stories, and to share how proud they are.

“I’m delighted that nurses at Bupa will be able to play their part in raising the profile of nursing as a profession. It’s also an opportunity for Bupa to focus on developing young nurse leaders of the future; it’s so important that we create a generation of nurses prepared to lead and take nursing forwards for generations to come.”

Bupa is committed to creating further opportunities for its nurses to learn and grow by finding ways to inspire them to develop their careers. As part of this commitment, Bupa will take part in the Nursing Now Nightingale Challenge.

Watch Bupa’s Nursing Now video here.

For more information on the Nursing Now Bupa group, contact Clare Scully: clare.scully@bupa.com