Eating Stones Fund UK

The Eating Stones Fund (ESF) plans to work towards the Nursing Now values and principles in 2020 by empowering nurses to be champions of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and by providing nurses with opportunities at every level, to develop their leadership and quality improvement skills. Through this we hope to provide a platform and knowledge base from which nurses can be the driving force behind change in their communities. Our work will cover Universal Health Coverage, Leadership and Development, Sharing Effective Practice and promotion of nurses in 2020.

The Eating Stones Fund’s 2020 Programme:

1. Commitment to a 5-year Nursing Scholarship Programme in Kenya.

2. Running the First Western Kenyan Nursing and Healthcare Education Conference.

3. Promote Kenyan Nursing and Barriers to Universal Health Coverage to a Global Audience.

For more information on ESF’s plans for 2020, please click here.