Nightingale Challenge Webinars

NCGSI: Creating and sustaining healthy communities

On 29th October, public health experts Giselle Sebag and Carolyn Daher joined Lord Nigel Crisp, Nursing Now Co-Chair, Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, Nightingale Challenge Programme Director, and Marc Sansom, Director of Salus Global to explore how the design of the places we live in, from the urban plan, housing, transport and the public realm, including access to parks and nature influences our health, and the importance of collaboration between different professions, from public health and the medical/nursing community to designers, architects and planners to activate these places to support health creation and human flourishing.

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Find the presentations made during the webinar here:

Urban environments & strategic opportunities for health, Carolyn Daher, ISGlobal

Creating & sustaining health in the community, Giselle Sebag, Bloomberg Associates


Nightingale Challenge – Global Experiences

On 29th September, Nightingale Challenge programme representatives from Australia, England, India, New Zealand and Spain joined us to share their experiences of the Nightingale Challenge so far, and talk about their leadership development programmes as well as their plans for the future.

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Nightingale Challenge – Global Experiences Part 1

Nightingale Challenge – Global Experiences Part 2

To access the presentation of Karen Tuqiri, Director of Nursing, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia, click here.

Brain injury recovery and rehabilitation: Bridging the gap from hospital to home

On 27th August 2020, a panel of experts joined us to discuss the lack of funding in the field of recovery & rehabilitation and the associated implications for evidence-based practice and patient care. During this webinar, panelists also discussed the role of nurses in bridging the gap from hospital to home, and the importance of support/ patient groups & other innovative approaches.

Find the presentations here:

Lack of funding in field of recovery rehabilitation what does this mean for evidence-based practice and patient care, Professor Liz Lightbody, Reader in Health Services Research, University of Central Lancashire

Transforming models of health care for people with ABI, Dr. Zoe Fisher, Clinical Psychologist, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Swansea Bay Health Board and Associate Professor, Swansea University

The challenges to nurse leadership in India, 19th August, 2020

This webinar, “The challenges to nurse leadership in India,” was hosted by Programme Director Lisa Bayliss-Pratt with opening remarks from Nursing Now Co-Chair Lord Nigel Crisp. Other panelists present on the webinar included Capt Usha Banerjee, Director of Nursing, Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr. Ani Grace Kalaimathi, Registrar of Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Professor Suresh K. Sharma, Principal of All India Institute of Medical Sciences College of Nursing, Rishikesh, Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Nightingale Fellow Matt Daley, and young nurse leader Iris James.

The webinar provided an opportunity to discuss some of the major challenges that are affecting nurse leadership in India today, including regulation and policymaking, lack of senior nurse leadership roles, gender imbalance, and COVID-19.

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Nightingale Challenge Employer Webinar 27th May 2020

Over 300 people watched live to presentations from three health employers who shared their experiences of implementing the Nightingale Challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Julie Pearce, Chief Nurse, Marie Curie, United Kingdom
Johis Ortega, School of Nursing & Health Studies, University of Miami, USA
Ana Julia Leme, Nightingale Challenge Coordinator, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein, Brazil
They shared their experience of adapting their plans and perspectives on the lessons learnt from implementing the Nightingale Challenge.


The first Nightingale Challenge employer webinar: “Voices from nurses in practice – ICN’s Leadership for Change (LFC)™”

The Nightingale Challenge hosted the first of its employer webinars on 27 Sept 2019 titled “Voices from nurses in practice – ICN’s Leadership for Change (LFC)™”. The webinar was chaired by Anthony Harbin, Nursing Now and hosted by Kristine Qureshi, Programme Director and Claire Medd, Programme Manager at the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

Find the materials from the webinar here:

Nightingale Challenge, Employer Webinar #2

As part of the Nightingale Challenge’s series of webinars for employers, Margaret Martin, Nurse Manager of Development of Practice & Workplace Capabilities from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District in Sydney, Australia, discussed compassionate leadership in her session “Leadership – The heart of care”.

Margaret explored leadership, leadership vs management, types of leadership and the elements of leadership that allow us to ensure safe, effective care that is person centred and compassionate, through a framework that identifies four elements: connecting human to human, engaging as a team, creating workplace cultures and self-care and well-being.

More than 30 participants took part in the webinar, with questions about the  empowerment of junior nurses to engage in leadership and the fundamental aspects of leading, as well as how transactional and transformational leadership can exist together, challenging practice, the role of MBTI in the exploration of oneself prior to leadership development and the role of self-care and well-being in teams.

Find the materials from the webinar here:

Nightingale challenge webinar 2

Webinar recording

Nursing Regulation: Global Patient Protection

Watch this webinar with Dr. David Benton, Chief Executive Officer National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Read the PPT slides here.

Listen to the webinar here.

Nightingale Challenge Employer Webinar in German

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Nightingale Challenge Employer Webinar in Spanish

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Práctica basada en evidencia: desarrollo, implementación y evaluación de guías

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Stepping into the Nightingale Challenge: 2020, the Year of the Nurse and Midwife

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The Nightingale Challenge: Perspectives from Malawi & The Philippines

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The Nightingale Challenge: Influencing National Change

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Listen to the webinar here.