Evidence of impact

Aim: to identify and disseminate evidence of the beneficial impact of nursing and initiate new studies where there are significant gaps in the research.
Actions will include:
  1. Working with the WHO, ICN and others to improve and develop the dissemination of evidence of the impact of nursing with particular emphasis on health, women’s empowerment and economic development
  2. Facilitating and publicising strategically important research projects. Currently these include:
    1. A study on maximizing the contribution of nursing to UHC, as part of the WISH programme, already underway
    2. A study on the impact and further potential of community nursing in high income countries led by the University of Singapore, about to begin
    3. A study on the economic and social impact of the nursing workforce, being developed at Harvard
    4. A study on the contribution of nurses in primary and community care, potentially led from Kings
    5. A study on nursing as a route to women’s empowerment, potentially led from the Aga Khan University
  3. Promoting the importance of research on the impact of nursing and developing better links globally between researchers and research institutions working on nursing

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