Universal health coverage

Aim: to promote the role of nursing in delivering UHC and support the development of new ways of working and models of care particularly with respect to health promotion, primary and community based services and chronic disease management.
Actions will include:
  1. Advocating for the contribution that nursing can make to Universal Health Coverage to be included in all relevant global and regional policies
  2. Working with the WHO and other partners to identify the ways in which nursing contributes to UHC
  3. Identifying and publicising new models of care where nurses play a major role, many of which will be enabled by technology and undertaken in partnership with patients and local communities
  4. Taking opportunities to publicise and learn from leading examples globally
  5. Encouraging nurses and nursing organisations globally to play a significant role in UHC
  6. Working alongside researchers who will be systematically collecting the evidence of the impact of nursing on UHC, identifying the enablers and barriers, and recommending policy approaches for local, national and international organisations