Accept the Nightingale Challenge

All employers of nurses and midwives around the world are welcome to join the Nightingale Challenge. By signing up, you are pledging to provide leadership and development training for a group of your nurses and midwives aged 35 and under.

Enrolling your institution is simple – just provide the name of your organisation, a contact person and an indication of how many nurses and midwives aged 35 and under you plan to involve.

The Nightingale Challenge opened for enrolment in June 2019 at the International Council of Nursing Congress, and remains open for institutions to enrol. Participating employers have begun delivering their development programmes which are either extended courses run over a number of months, or shorter events throughout the year.

How to spread the word

We need your help to generate awareness and enthusiasm among health employers and institutions in your network, and encourage them to accept the Nightingale Challenge. There are three ways that you can help:

Step One, Share across your network: As supporters of Nursing Now, we ask you to take action and begin cascading information about the Nightingale Challenge to your networks from today. You can do this by contacting organisations in your networks directly, sharing tools  such as the Nightingale Challenge brochure and encouraging them to go to the Nightingale Challenge web-page for more information on how to sign up. We have written some suggested email text that you may wish to use to write to individual institutions, which can be found at .

Step Two, Accept the Nightingale Challenge: If your organisation employs nurses and midwives, sign up today so that we can demonstrate the momentum of this movement ahead of the launch. Accepting the Nightingale Challenge takes just a few minutes, and you can do so   here:

Step Three, Spread the word: We encourage you to publicly share, post and repost your support for the Nightingale Challenge on social media platforms, and at any events and conferences you attend, using #NightingaleChallenge.