Existing courses and programmes

Some health employers may find it helpful to draw on existing courses and programmes when designing and delivering their local Nightingale Challenge training packages. With this in mind, this page signposts a variety of free and paid-for development programmes that may be relevant to young nurses and midwives, either to supplement local programmes or as more substantial, stand-alone training courses.

The list is Open Source and we invite our community to submit links to existing programmes and courses that they know of, so long as they:

  • Are available to be accessed globally, or across a region of several different countries
  • Focus on developing some aspect of management, leadership, innovation or personal development
  • Would be relevant to nurses and midwives aged 35 and under.

The Edward Jenner Programme – NHS Leadership Academy Award in Leadership Foundations

The Edward Jenner programme is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role. The programme will support you as you develop essential leadership skills; open to all, this programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Leadership Foundations.

If you want to feel more able to deal with the daily challenges of working in healthcare, better equipped to care for patients, lead services and provide leadership for those around you – supporting them to do their job better – the Edward Jenner programme is for you.

The programme has been redesigned to offer even more flexibility; Launch takes up to five hours and Foundations is designed to be studied over six weeks. Launch and Foundations modules are free to access and based online. The Edward Jenner programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Leadership Foundations.

For further information please email enquiries@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk 

Open University Open Learn Modules

The Open University’s Open Learn programme offers courses that have been proven to increase confidence and develop the skills needed to enter Higher Education and succeed with learning. You can choose an Open Learn course from a wide range of subjects, some are based on Open University course materials, others are written specifically for Open Learn.

What are the advantages? Open Learn free courses are available immediately – courses do not have a start and end date. You can start right away or at a time that suits you, work through at your own pace and you can spend as long as you like on an Open Learn course, plus, if you sign up you can track your progress and work towards a statement of participation.

For further information, please explore https://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-management/management/leadership-and-management

Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School

The mission of the IHI Open School, a program within the Boston-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is to advance healthcare improvement and patient safety competencies in the next generation of health professionals worldwide.

Launched in September 2008, the IHI Open School provides healthcare students and professionals the opportunity to learn about quality improvement, patient safety, and leadership from experts in the health care industry. The online, educational community features a growing catalogue of accredited online courses, extensive content and resources, and a network of 949 local Chapters in 93 countries that organize events and activities. Today, more than 675,000 healthcare professionals have completed an IHI Open School online course.

Nursing Now are immensely grateful to IHI for offering four of their most popular Open School courses for free to nurses and midwives taking part in the Nightingale Challenge. You can access the following engaging and interactive programmes online as part of your Nightingale Challenge development programmes:

  • QI 101: Introduction to Healthcare Improvement
  • PS 101: Introduction to Patient Safety
  • L 101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership
  • PFC 101: Introduction to Person- and Family-Centered Care

Additional free access to further study, including Improvement Capability and an Educator’s Toolkit is available on the IHI webpage here IHI Open School Online Courses – Free

Visit www.ihi.org/NightingaleChallenge to start taking the courses today.

International Council of Nurses (ICN): Global Leadership Programmes

ICN have developed a range of leadership development programmes specifically designed for nurse leaders: from short intensive programmes over a few days, to longer-term ongoing programmes:

Nursing Policy Leadership Programme

ICN has launched this new programme to help meet the challenge set by Nursing Now.  This new initiative delivers short, effective, local programmes to develop established and emerging nurse leaders in hospitals, community services, universities, regulators, ministries of health and nongovernmental organisations. This unique offer focuses on developing both individual leaders and their organisations, and the synergy of both. Tailored to each organisation’s needs and circumstances, it is cost-effective, offers partnerships with regional and global health organisations, and badges your organisation as a visible and active partner in the Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020. 

For more information visit https://www.icn.ch/what-we-do/projects/nursing-policy-leadership-programme

Leadership for Change (LFC)

The LFC Programme is designed to build the capacity of senior and executive level nurses from low, middle and high-income countries. It provides participants with opportunities to develop understanding of global health challenges, obtain insight into international leadership styles, and be exposed to and analyse change management in the context of health system redesign. LFC has been implemented in more than 70 countries, including a ‘Train the Trainers’ version in 40 of these countries.

For more information, visit https://www.icn.ch/what-we-do/projects/leadership-change-lfc 

Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI)

A unique leadership development opportunity aimed at senior and executive nurse leaders across the world, focusing on policy understanding and influence. Established in 2009, the GNLI employs an action-learning approach within a collaborative and stimulating learning culture. Working in small teams, participants will develop their leadership skills and behaviours through exposure to international faculty, group and plenary work, site visits and workshop mode activities. The six-day residential programme takes place annually in Geneva, Switzerland during the month of September.

For more information, visit https://www.icn.ch/what-we-do/projects/global-nursing-leadership-institute-gnli

Transformational Leadership: Delivering Excellence – Sigma Theta Tau International (Sigma).

Transformational Leadership: Delivering Excellence, incorporates the four attributes of transformational leadership and explores the five practices of exemplary leadership as outlined by Kouzes and Posner (2012) to optimize nurse leader behaviour characteristics and enhance organisational culture. This course may be of interest to nursing schools for both faculty development and for student use. A vital and resounding message for all nurses is that they are all leaders no matter what their title is. This course will walk them through Kouzes & Posner’s leadership framework.

What’s in it for me?

Nurse leaders need to ensure their staff have the resources to deliver exceptional patient care, are communicating effectively, engaged, and have the opportunity for professional growth. Currently, nurse leader development is lacking in providing nurse leaders the education they need to truly transform their unit/organisation. Developing one’s staff and gaining their cooperation is vital in the success of the nurse leader and the organisation.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the traits of a transformational leader
  • Explain the benefits of transformational leadership in nursing leadership
  • Discuss the benefits of transformational leadership on an organisational level
  • Analyse the relationship between transformational leadership and LEAN organisational culture

To request access to this free course offering, individuals or organisations may contact education@sigmanursing.org with the name and email address of the intended user(s).

GHA Institute Next Level Nurse 2020

GHA Next Level Nurse (NLN) 2020 is a response to the “2020 Year of the Nurse, Nursing Now Nightingale Challenge”, a global initiative which calls for a commitment to the provision of leadership and development training for nurses and midwives. Next Level Nursing 2020 represents a pathway to enhanced nursing practice through the promotion of ongoing training, development and advocacy supporting increased roles in nurse leadership and a prominent voice in health care policy. This includes greater investment in the education and training of the nursing workforce to advance actions and results to impact patient care.

For more information and to access this free programme, follow this link: https://www.ghainstitute.com/join-now/

Design Thinking for Health

Nurses are on the front lines of care; thus this affords nurses enormous opportunities to use innovation to improve health and well-being and to design and create new approaches to the delivery of care regardless of setting. Yet, nursing curricula typically only focus on core basic sciences and clinical preparation; visibly missing is preparing nurses as innovators.    

Therefore, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing, in partnership with the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation, created an online, open-access platform, Design Thinking for Health, that teaches nurses the framework of design thinking to tackle the complex challenges they see in their practices. The purpose of the platform is to provide a core curriculum for innovation, based on design thinking concepts, which can be infused into nursing curricula and health care organisations.

The platform is divided into modules, case studies, and podcasts. We collaborated with expert thought leaders in the fields of nursing innovation and design thinking to create original content (case study videos, lecture videos, and podcast episodes), along with using existing design thinking materials and activities, to develop the Design Thinking for Health (DT4H) curriculum.

Check out the DT4H platform here.

The Global Health Network, Global Research Nurses

Global Research Nurses is a network developed by nurses for nurses. Our prime focus is to help nurses engage, learn and seek opportunities to work in clinical research, and ultimately develop and lead their own studies.

On the Global Research Nurses site you will find links to lots of resources, including for instance, the following:

  1. e-Learning – These short courses can give you the skills and confidence to work in medical research and each is certificated and all of these courses are recommended by world-class research organisations.
  2. A professional network where you can find colleagues nearby or across continents. Use the Blogs, Bookmarks and Groups to get in touch to find out how your peers working in other regions or on other diseases set up studies or find and use research evidence.
  3. Professional Development Scheme – Join this highly endorsed and internationally recognised scheme that has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO-TDR and the Burdett Nurses Trust. Here you can register all your skills and knowledge and be awarded a membership level that reflects your experience. Work your way up through the tiers and gain a mechanism for your capabilities to be recognized.
  4. Links to online templates – more information about how to do research, where to find up to date research findings and more.

To get the most out of the site sign up as a member – membership is FREE! Then browse the various resources on this site and other sites of The Global Health Network for guidance, information and peer support that you need to conduct your role and enhance your career as a nurse working in research. You will see that The Global Health Network is an online collection of websites that all aim to support health research by the sharing of methods and knowledge.

e-Integrity healthcare e-learning

e-Integrity provides access to world-class healthcare training developed for the UK National Health Service but now available globally.  Our learners include individuals (trainees and fully qualified practitioners), healthcare providers, colleges, universities and government bodies.

Award-winning healthcare courses

e-Integrity’s programmes cover a wide range of specialties, from acute medicine through to paediatrics and sexual health. The quality of this e-learning is a key differentiator. Our programmes have been developed by the UK’s medical royal colleges, leading professional bodies and Health Education England. The content is written and peer-reviewed by practicing clinicians and regularly updated to reflect the latest clinical developments and guidelines.

Our global community of learners

As a learner, you’ll benefit from the UK’s investment in world-leading healthcare training. Currently, we have learners in 90 countries across the world – from Tanzania through to the Netherlands, New Zealand and Dubai. The breadth of our customer base is testament to the high quality of our e-learning.

e-Integrity is a community interest company and all profits are reinvested into developing the programmes further, which benefits healthcare professionals worldwide. So, why not join the many thousands of doctors, nurses, consultants, midwives and others who are already reaping the rewards?

Take a look at the programme pages here or get in contact for further details.

Resources in Spanish


El Programa SalusOne de liderazgo en enfermería, es un programa online gratuito que pretende formar en liderazgo en enfermería a 10.000 enfermeras y matronas hispanohablantes, a través de SalusOne.  El Programa SalusOne de Liderazgo en Enfermería incluye la realización de un curso anual con acreditación CFC sobre liderazgo en enfermería, 1 webinar mensual y píldoras audiovisuales semanales. Utilice este enlace para aceder al programa: https://www.salusplay.com/


A&C Consultores es una organización profesional dedicada a ofrecer servicios profesionales en gestión de salud y empresas de salud. Tenemos sede en Montevideo, Uruguay. Brindamos capacitacion en gestión y gerencia desde hace 10 años para profesionales de la salud. Estamos integrados por especialistas en gestión de salud, epidemiología, recursos humanos, logistica, operaciones, calidad, marketing, TICs, costos hospitalarios, economía finanzas, lean management. Tenemos alianzas con Institutos de Capacitacion Empresarial, Universidades y representamos a una firma de EEUU proveedora de servicios de segunda opinión médica internacional.

Ofrecemos talleres, seminarios, cursos cortos, entrenamientos, diplomas de gestión de salud y logistica hospitalaria.Participamos del Congreso Nacional de Gestión de Salud de SUAS Sociedad Uruguaya de Administración de Salud u somos miembros de Comunidad Iberoamericana de Gestión de Salud.

Utilice este enlace para aceder al programa: http://aycconsultores.com.uy/capacitaciones- especiales/

Leadership apps and podcasts

Smartphone Apps


This Nursewell app has been developed with the intention of providing nurses and midwives with tools to support their self-care and promote wellness and vitality. 

Activities and resources in this app have been designed to help focus on elements of wellbeing that nurses can practice every day either by themselves or with their nursing teams. The health issues for nurses identified through the ‘Fit for the Future’ survey of nurses’ health in the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, has guided the content and topics presented in this app. Other research tells us there is an important link between staff self-care and wellbeing and the quality and safety of care delivered to patients. In short, how we show compassion for ourselves influences how we show compassion for others.

At the end of each section there is an opportunity to reflect on your learning using Borton’s (1970) Framework and email this reflection to yourself to provide evidence of CPD points for nursing or midwifery registration.

We sincerely hope that nurses and midwives are able to use this app to support their well-being and vitality.

For more information on Nursewell, click here.

Find the app here:




Mind Tools is one of the world’s most popular digital, on-demand career and management learning solutions, helping more than 24 million people each year.  The wide range of high-quality, practical, on-demand resources can help you to become an effective and inspirational manager and leader – whether you’re new to the job or have years of experience. Use MindTools.com resources to learn more than 2,800 management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills, helping you to be happy and successful at work.

Find the app here:





Amy Deagle, The International Network of Nurse Leaders

The International Network of Nurse Leaders was created to help nurses develop and strengthen their leadership skills, increase their confidence with speaking up to challenge the status quo and give them a community of support to help navigate their career and leadership journey. The podcast series is for nurse leaders who are ready to shift their thinking from “just a nurse” to claim their position as a powerful agent for change. Join host, Amy Deagle, the Founder and CEO of the International Network of Nurse Leaders, as she interviews nurse leaders from across the country to talk about their personal journeys in leadership, and their advice for nurses wishing to be proactive in their careers.

Access the podcast here.

Ben Jenkins, New Grad Radio Podcast

New Grad Radio is a platform, designed for Student Nurses, and Experienced Nurses alike, who are interested in following the journey of a New Graduate Nurse, starting directly into the Intensive Care Unit. Over the duration of 2018, Ben Jenkins shared his experiences, thoughts and feelings of starting as a New Graduate Nurse, within this high acuity, high-pressure environment; and described what he found useful, challenging, or interesting, each step of the way.

Access the podcast here.

Access the podcast with Spotify here.

Nursing Standard Podcast

The revamped and refreshed Nursing Standard podcast is now live with new hosts and topics focusing on the challenges facing you and your patients in today’s healthcare environment in the United Kingdom. Join Nursing Standard editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett and team as they explore a range of professional and clinical issues with expert guests from the nursing community. 

Access the podcast here.

Mental Health Innovation Network Africa Podcasts

MHIN Africa podcasts explore key issues within the field of mental health in the African continent. These include summaries of events happening in various regions, new policy developments in Africa, service-user stories and experiences.

Access the podcast here.

Global Caveat – The podcast exploring the vast field of global health.

Global health scientists Diana and Susanna tackle topics in the global health sciences with each other and other humans to examine the connection between health and the sciences and how we have to work together for health, humanity, and the earth.

Access the podcast here.

University of Oxford – Nuffield Department of Medicine

Translational research in NDM has a truly worldwide impact, with scientists and clinicians investigating epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of disease on a global scale. Our podcasts on Global Health illuminate this work and discuss research conducted in Oxford and around the world to better understand and manage emerging and endemic diseases.

Access the podcast here.

Let’s Talk Leadership – The CAN Podcast with Ben Jenkins MACN

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is excited to launch our inaugural podcast during 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife. Throughout the year, Ben Jenkins MACN, a registered nurse and experienced podcaster will interview nurses from a variety of backgrounds on topics relating to nurse practice and leadership.

Access the podcast here.